New Patients

Your First Appointment

At Goldthorn Dental Practice, we welcome new patients of all ages for general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry. To book your first appointment, please contact a member of our helpful reception team.

When you come in for your initial appointment, you will be greeted by our receptionist, who will show you around the practice. Tea and coffee are available and you will be given a medical history form to complete. This will enable us to know a little bit more about you, including any medical conditions you may have or medications you may be taking that may affect the way we treat you.

You’ll be shown into our relaxing patient lounge, which is designed to be as un-clinical as possible, with Chesterfield sofas and chandeliers. Our reception area has pleasant music playing and there’s a television too – everything has been designed with your relaxation and comfort in mind.

Once you’ve completed your medical history form, you will be taken through to meet your dentist. They will carry out a careful, thorough examination of your teeth, gums, and surrounding structures and will take photographs and x-rays as necessary to aid with diagnosis. We perform a mouth cancer check as standard during all routine dental examinations, because the early signs of mouth cancer may be difficult to spot yourself, and like all forms of cancer, the quicker it is diagnosed, the easier it is to treat and the greater your chances of making a full recovery. If we do find anything suspicious, we will refer you to a hospital consultant immediately for further investigation.

If we find that you need any treatment, we will explain our findings to you and your dentist will provide you with a treatment plan. This will include all your options along with projected costs and timescales of any treatment. Please don’t be afraid to ask questions at any time – we are happy to help.

Goldthorn Dental Practice Charter

What you can expect from the Goldthorn Dental Practice charter?

The charter is our promise to give you accurate and relevant information on proposed treatment, including any risks involved in that treatment, possible alternatives, and price breakdowns so that you are clearly informed before deciding to proceed. We use the charter not only to define our standards and how we strive to improve them but to explain to you, as the patient, that you have a responsibility too.

Your rights:

  • To receive the highest standard of dental care, in a sterile, professional and caring environment
  • To have all current legislation and recommended practices followed
  • To experience improved dental and oral health
  • To receive early detection and preventative care of dental decay and gum disease
  • To be fully informed of all appropriate treatment options, potential risks, and associated costs when formulating treatment plans

Your responsibilities:

  • To provide us, to the best of your knowledge, with accurate and complete information about your present, as well as pre-existing dental history
  • To make it known to us whether you clearly understand the course of treatment planned for you and what is expected of you
  • To please respect the appointment time given to you. Let us know in plenty of time if you cannot attend or if you’re running late
  • To take every precaution necessary to maintain the work completed by using the techniques and following the guidance that we will show you
  • To please pay for your treatment at the end of each visit as requested
  • Please grant us the same level of respect as we respect you as our patient