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Here at Goldthorn Dental Practice, we are known for delivering five-star dentistry. At the forefront of modern dentistry, the Goldthorn Dental Practice team can ensure that we listen to your needs, delivering you first-class dentistry with a warm smile.

We feel that being a patient at Goldthorn Dental Practice will put you in good company. Our patients select the clinic for its style, quality, dedication, care, and ultimate aesthetics.

Our patient lounge has been designed to be a relaxing and calm environment with a choice of magazines or plasma television to keep you entertained. We also have a selection of drinks available.

At Goldthorn Dental Practice we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of general dental and specialist care ranging from routine dental treatment to complex reconstructions.

Our services include:

Please feel free to pop into the practice or ring if you would like to learn more about Goldthorn Dental Practice. You will be very welcome.